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Previously we provided a database of in the UK. It was very labour intensive and the upkeep proved too much for us. We have decided to leave it open to you. If you know of places people can go, then please leave details on this page. There are so many who share Messianic belief who have no fellowship at all. If you can contribute to this pool of knowledge in any way, there are folk out there who really need to know.

The posts are moderated and details will be checked before posting. We will not be able to verify external web pages, however.
We cannot accept any responsibility for the content of any external site. Please contact them if their information is inaccurate.

Some websites to get you started:
Teshuvah Messianic Synagogue Leicester
Beit Nitzachon Messianic Congregation

Opendoor Outreach Ministry


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163 Responses to Fellowship

  • I believe that Yehoshua was the Messiah, now resurected and ascended.
    I live in Northampton, Raunds and would be glad of fellowship.
    I recently relocated from South Africa, am a British citizen….

    • I hope you can find somewhere on the above links. There seems to be a lot of people around the UK without fellowship. At present we are isolated ourselves, we hope that people will be able to use this blog to find others nearby.

    • Enid, I think I left you a message previously, we are moving to Rushden in just under a months time, it would be lovely to share fellowship with you and some prayer time, I dont know if there is anyone else in the area maybe we could form a small gathering, me and my Son have been Messianics for 2 years now, I have Jewish roots in my family, I have been following Yahushua many years now but have 2 years ago broke off from the Gentile Church. If you are interested email me at
      I will be happy to hear from you or anyone who lives around Rushden or Wellingborough area Northampton.

    • Shalom enid niven,

      I am from the US but I’m going to be in London between September 24 and October 6th. I’m trying to get a time of fun, fellowship, and a forum on Evangelism set up with everyone here. If you would be available between Sept. 24 – Oct. 6th could you email me what day would be a good day, so I can start trying to set up a hotel meeting room? My email is

    • Hi everyone. Does anyone know where the nearest Messianic Jewish congregation that meets every shabbat is to OXFORD, ENGLAND?

    • Hi there Enid, did you manage to find a messianic fellowship? I am also from South Africa, recently immigrated.

  • I’m in Southwest England (Devon). I have yet to meet any other ‘messianic’, or ‘hebrew roots’ believers down here. It’s very dark. Originally I am from the USA. I live here with my husband and children now (who are all British citizens).
    I confess Y’shua came in the flesh, was crucified, resurrected and ascended and now sits at the right hand of our Father.
    I would also be grateful to find fellowship with others who are seeking Abba in all things.

    • Hi,
      I live in the USA but am English. I attend a messianic congregation in Birmingham, Alabama. This message really is in regards to Lisa. I understand what you mean about Devon being dark. I am from Devon and went to university there too. It is one of the darkest places I have been and I have traveled a lot. I know how hard it is to find somewhere safe to worship and fellowship in that area. I don’t have anywhere to recommend to you unfortunately, however my Rabbi records all of his sermons and posts them online, he is an excellent teacher! If you are looking for something to tide you over until the Lord leads you somewhere then go to That will take you to the website and the recordings are under media. I hope this helps and that the Lord will bring you like minded believers to fellowship with soon.

      • Thankyou for the link, I will add it to the resources page.

      • Shalom Elaine, I’m afraid I didn’t check the messages on here until now! So, hopefully you may see this reply :).

        Thanks for your recommendation. Abba is good to me. I’m still alone down here in Devon, but I know He has a purpose and is preparing me as I seek Him daily. Shalom :).

    • I am afraid the fellowship I knew of in the West Country no longer exists, I hope the new links will be of help

    • Hi we are in Wincanton Somerset email Maggie & I at

      • Shalom – I’m not sure if your message was meant for me or not, but it occurred to me I should post an email address others can contact me on:

        So, here it is:

        I live in Devon (Mid Devon). I’m a real person – imperfect – not part of ANY religion…just seeking Yahuwah daily. I’m not at all ‘churchy’ and I would love fellowship with my brethren. In my experience, sadly, out of several people who’ve contacted me via the internet – only 3 have been loving and gentle without a spirit of trying to put another covering over me.

        So, feel free to contact me if you’re seeking fellowship. But don’t expect that I’m perfect….I’m being restored, refined, tested, pressed and tried as it’s written. Shalom everyone.

    • I know how you feel Lisa it’s real hard without fellowship, myself and my family have been looking for like minded followers of Yeshua for a long time and feel very cut off at the moment. We live in West Yorkshire U.K. Many blessings Amanda.

    • I am non-Jewish and would have liked to have worshipped with Messianic Jews so that we could learn from each other. My revelation about Israel came immediately I was born again around 15 years ago.
      I live in Mid Devon and have never thought of it as dark (I am chewing on this now though!) but certainly, for Messianic worship it is arid. The Messianic Education Trust is around the corner from me and they speak in local churches but perhaps there are not enough Messianic believers in this part of the world. The gentile church has lost its roots and I was pulled away from New Frontiers church due to their teaching on Israel.

    • Hi Lisa,
      I am also from the US & living in the UK (Bucks) Were are planning to move down your way next year. I know there is a place in Bournemouth, but that’s too far I think? I have a list going of places… I’ll keep looking in your area. Thats how I came across this site….trying to find a congregation in SW England (for when we move!) I know how you feel – I’ve been here 10 years, but just now found a place 20 miles away and then we decide to move! LOL :)

      • MStacey, I only just saw your message today. :)

        If you’re down this way (Devon) please feel free to contact me on:

        I live in Mid Devon. I’m real. Not churchy. Not mean. Imperfect. Totally trying to become disciplined in seeking Yah in all things; taking thoughts captive, etc….I stumble often, but repent equally. I don’t expect my brethren to be perfect and hope they’re gracious and kind to me.

        That said:) – I’m so longing to be fully restored, and I pray every single day that I may be found worthy to escape things that are soon coming and stand before the Son of Man. Shalom.

    • Hi Lisa
      I have only just joined this site.
      There is one congregation in Exeter and two in Plymouth.

      Beit Ezra

      • Hi Lisa

        My wife and I moved to Plymouth from Israel in 2010 and now have a small Messianic congregation here. We are part of Tikkun International and are listed on IAMCS.

        We meet at ‘Engage’ (PL2 3BG) at 4pm on a Shabbat.

        You would be welcome.

    • Hi Lisa we meet up at the sinagogue on Tuesday evening let me know if you are interested.

  • I am a Christian who would love to know if there is a Messianic Congregation in Scotland
    I have tried hard to teach myself Hebrew to
    very little avail. I am of he belief that we have followed the wrong path to Christ be it Roman or Greek can anyone help


  • Shalom!
    I live in North London (Islington) and would love to know if there are any congregations or fellowships near me.

    • Hi Dominique,
      I hope the above links will give you somewhere to start.

    • I live in East London and would like to know if theirs any fellowships near me Thanks

    • Hi Dominique,

      did you ever find somewhere to fellowship? I am based near central London with my husband, we used to celebrate Sabbath @ home with a Messianic Jew but he travelled to continue the Lord’s work. We attended a messianic fellowship for two years afterwards, but there was a lot of division and an unclear leadership structure but we made some great friends nevertheless and was richly blessed in many ways.

      I am searching and searching for somewhere to lay my head, if you would like to meetup some time that would be great.

      Blessings in Yeshua Messiah

  • I was born in England but have been living in Florida, USA for many years. My husband and I are considering moving to England, either Manchester area or Yorkshire. We have just recently been drawn to attend a Messianic church since we believe God is drawing His people at these very crucial last days we live in. Could you tell me where I can find a list of all Messianic churches in these areas I mentioned. Also…are most Messianic churches so called “post tribulation” rather than the 95% of pre-tribulation believers?

    • I have posted a few links on the post above which may be helpful.

    • When looking for a fellowship, it is important to bear in mind that there are differing views amongst Messianics, just as there are among the Gentile churches. They range from very informal to formal in their approach. There is no comprehensive list of all the fellowships, but the above links should get you started.

      • Thankyou…I will check them out. My husband and I are still confused about the pre-trib and post-trib…believe me, I would love it if I knew for sure that we are pre-trib, but so many scriptures reveal to me that we must go through this tribulation.

        • I know what you mean. A friend has decided to plan for post-trib and hopes to be pleasantly surprised by a pre-trib rapture! I just don’t see the pre-trib position in Scripture any more, but I agree it would be nice to be wrong!

        • You will go mad if you worry about this.Just believe that HE WILL RETURN no matter when just be ready. HE will protect his own

          • Please excuse an old gentile butting in, but there is no need to go mad, for scripture does reveal a clear answer if you are willing to work it out methodically. Remember that the Scriptures, including The Revelation, were written for ordinary people, not scholars, and you have the Spirit to guide you. I am writing a book on the subject, mainly to help me work it out, so I’ll send you a copy. Contact me to give me your email
            Every Blessing
            Gerry Beves.

      • Anything in the Sheffield area that you know of….that would be a good connection for us when we get there? We will be there in about a month.


  • We lived in California for many years and attended a messianic congregation in Irvine led by Rabbi Larry Feldman. We now live near Bournemouth and have not yet been able to find a congregation to attend. We dearly miss his inspirational sermons and can only listen to him now on We wish there was one similar in this area or someone willing to start one.

  • Hello would you let me know if there are any messianic congregations near or in Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire UK A.S.A.P please?

    • I havent seen anything in Huntingdon please let me know if you find anything, but today I found a great Messianic congregation but its in Leicester, we are going to give it a whirl even though we are from Bedford, its an hours journey for us, this may not be so far for you though from where you are, it will take us an hour to get to I dont think we can do this every single week as it is too far but at least monthly, its a straight run for us. If you see anything near your area let me know, as your not too far from us

    • We went to a conference at the Olive Tree fellowship in Ely once. Eli

  • There are Messianic Fellowships with Messianic Jews in them and then Messianic orientated fellowship groups with no Messianic Jews in them. However you are most likely to find UK Messianic Fellowships with Messianic Jews in them from this listing:

  • I love Yeshua and so want to meet up with others that love him as well.
    I meet up with 1 other person once a week but we both would love to find a messianic congregation.
    I live in Cambridgeshire in the uk and have been praying for months now that Yeshua will make a way for me to meet up with other believers. ShalomBlaze I am very close to where you live if I hear of anywhere will let you know. Would it be at all possible to chat with you.

  • My email is if you would like to get in touch.

  • Hi ShalomBlaze I am in Cambridgeshire and would love to attend a messianic congregation but have not been able to find anything in this area.
    I do have a meeting at my home once a week on A Friday evening only myself and one other at the moment.
    We are looking for others to join with us

  • Hi, Anyone know of a messianic assembly close to Oxford/Abingdon areas?

  • I’m from the US and now living in Bucks (10 years) I too am Messianic – and without a congregation. I recently found 3 good places, but due to health etc haven’t been able to attend yet. There seems to be several lists on the internet that list different ones etc – confusing.

    Here’s one that meets in Aylesbury Bucks, Blyth, Nottingham, Hitchin, Chelmsford, Buwell, & Sneinton

    I also found one in Bournemouth, but no web address – just a name and number:
    The Crossway Fellowship – Fred Wilding – 01929 405157

    Also a site with “pro Israel” affilates of Moriel UK

    Hope this helps x

  • Dear friends,

    I’m a graduate student and Messianic believer from America. I’m studying at Oxford this Spring and would love to find a group with whom to celebrate the Feast Days. I’ve done a few google searches but haven’t found any congregations/groups for the Oxford area. Anyone know of a place or people?

    I’m blessed to see other Hebraic believers are in the UK!

    Thank you,

  • Zera Avraham Messianic Synagogue is in Coulsdon, Surrey (South London).
    We are a Torah observant Synagogue, and part of the Union of British Messianic Jewish Congregations.
    We meet on a Shabbat at 10.30am. 108 – 112 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon, Surrey. CR5 3BA.

    Contact: Rabbi Boaz on 07919043179

  • Would like to meet up with any Messianics in Cambridgeshire areas. My family is Messianic since 1980. My son in law who now lives in UK in Cambridgeshire is a Messianic Rabbi, Rabbi Michael Kahn. We are hoping to host a Messianic Chavurah, to share food and fellowship ona regular basis probably once a month. Please get in touch at
    Sus ben Shamar

  • Shalom,
    Just moved to Cambridge with family and was wondering if there is a messianic congregation/house church in Cambridge itself. If not we may also be willing in looking into starting one ourselves or with others. We have young kids so the earlier advertised Tuesday meeting will not work for us in cambridgeshire; also heard nothing back from Stanton.

    In any case feel free to contact us at

  • Hi, I’m new to this site and would like to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to create and maintain it. I was curious as to there were any other believers in Jesus/Yeshua here who feel a connection to only certain parts of the New Testament? For myself in particular, I only read John’s Gospel and Matthew’s Gospel(in particular the sermon on the mount), as these are the only parts that really mean something to me. This is of course in addition to the whole of the Old Testament. I have never felt as though I have had a proper fellowship with anyone as many Christians I know find by beliefs awkward(such as keeping the Sabbath, only eating certain foods etc.). Any replies would be appreciated :). Many Thanks!

  • My name is lee and eyes have began to be opened to Hebrew roots of my Christian faith…. I’ve always had a inner connection in my heart with the Jewish people and yet I don’t know any Jews but now the LORD has really done a work in me and opened my eyes and helped me understand certain Christian doctrine that was actually a hinderacne in my journey but I really need to find some people to teach me all about this stuff and a learn of the beginnings of my faith so I can know for sure if it’s the right path for me to take as I know it will be a source of division among some friends Of minecan anyone help and guide me to a messianic place to visit or someone to talk to do thanks kindly lee

  • It’s lee again I forgot to mention I’m in south west London cheers

  • Hi were still looking for fellowship in the West Yorkshire area, if anyone one would like to meet for bible study and the searching of scriptures, or even if you are new to the sabbath, please contact me on or my Husband on

  • Hi, if anyone is looking for Messianic fellowship in Newcastle upon Tyne, try out Shalom House.
    They are amazing people! I can vouch for that! They also have a course called Aleph that covers the basics and is great for those like me who are relearning (coming from a christian background but now returning to roots).

    I will most likely be moving in June to Huddersfield, so looking to meet up with others of like faith in the area. Open to suggestions! I’m just coming to follow Torah and keeping the Sabbath, so very keen on finding others to walk out the journey with and continue to learn. if you want to contact me.

  • We are in the north-west of Ireland, my husband, two sons, daughter and I would love to meet up with other like minded messianic people…please let us know if you know of anyone!

  • Hi again, I have recently moved to the Dorset/Hampshire region and if anyone knows of any Messianic congregations nearby please let me know 😀

  • Hi all, My husband and I are currently in Edinburgh, Scotland and are of christian background. Since Sept last year we have been on a journey to discover Yeshuah and our hebrew roots. Is there anyone else in the Edinburgh area or in the North of Scotland? We also know people in Aberdeen looking for fellowship. Shalom from Fiona and Paul

    • Hi Fiona,

      I am in Perth. Please let me know if you find something suitable. I would be interested. Thank you.


      • Hi Christine my wife Rosemary and I were at a lovely Seder just yesterday with the Edinburgh Messianic Fellowship. We live in Perth and are supportive of Israel, Zionism and Messianic Jews. I can put you in touch with the Edinburgh Fellowship if you give me your e-mail address.

    • Hi Fibie my wife Rosemary and I were at a lovely Seder just yesterday with the Edinburgh Messianic Fellowship. We live in Perth and are supportive of Israel, Zionism and Messianic Jews. I can put you in touch with the Edinburgh Fellowship if you give me your e-mail address.

    • Hi Fibie, We have just moved to Edinburgh. We are looking to meet up with others who love Yeshua. Eli.

      • Hi Eli Thanks for posting I’m sorry I only just saw your reply as I had stopped checking this thread just shows you should never give up eh! We moved to Aberdeen in Dec 2013 and have a few friends here now who are following Yeshua. Would still love to meet up if you are still around. Paul and I do come to Edinburgh for work from time to time and you are more than welcome to join us here any time email is

  • Though my ministry of Biblical correspondence for R.B.C. (Our Daily Bread) I am in contact with a new believer in the Edinburgh area who needs help to understand things concerning the feasts etc.
    Are their any congregations in Edinburgh?
    In the Messiah,

  • Shalom everyone. My husband and I have just moved to Surrey from South Africa and we are desperate for fellowship with like minded Torah Keepers who love Yeshua. We are not interested in Christian groups that have a Jewish flavour but those who ‘halach’ in His ‘derech’. We keep Shabbat and all the feasts and are learning to study the Tanak in Hebrew. We are keen supporters of Brad Scott. Anyone out there near Guildford?

    • Shalom Sue. We are a family in South Africa who have also discovered the importance of being Torah observant. We are really out on a limb here. We are also trying to get to the UK. Would you mind if we could contact you off the blog as this may be off topic? Our email is:
      Kind regards
      Peter and Jenny

  • Hello, I am a Christian who has recently discovered the jewishness of our Saviour. I have been greatly touched by the mighty wind ministry on line (messianic, pentecostal) and would like to start keeping the Sabbath day. I feel very alone as I can t find any like minded christians but I believe that God will make a way if I seek Him. I am encouraged to know that there are people like me out there somewhere wanting to do the same (after reading the comments). I live in Carshalton, Surrey Uk.

  • Hi

    I’ve grown up in the Messianic community in Chicago. Mostly in Jews for Jesus. e recently lost a great teacher Jhan Moscowitz and it has refueled my previously abandoned quest to find a messianic community and/or fellowship since coming to Scotland. I live in Perth and so far I have only found one in Ayr which is about 3 hours away and unsuitable. I am desperate to find Messianic Jews in Scotland. Help!


    • Hi Christine,

      I am in Cupar and have been attending a torah-keeping Christian congregation in Stirling. This week my husband and I are checking out a Messianic group in Edinburgh. They’re called Sh’ar Yashuv Messianic Fellowship. I’ve never visited before but I spoke with one of the women via phone and she says their group is between 10-15.


      • Hi Jennifer, we have just moved to Edinburgh. We would love to know more. Eli.

      • Shabbat Shalom Genevieve, my husband and I are moving from South Africa to Scotland (Fife area) as soon as we have sorted out our affairs here. We have just started living according to the word of Yahusha following Hebrew roots/Messianic lifestyle and would love to know that we would have fellowship there, that would help us grow and enrich our faith.
        We are still stumbling around and trying to find ourselves at the moment which is made harder by the fact that we are the only ones in our area that are following Torah which makes life interesting as we are getting mostly opposition :) Never the less we feel that Ha’Mashiah Yahusha has guided us thus far so we will press on 😀 my contact is <3

  • Hello, I’m new to this site and looking for fellowships in or very close to the Bradford area (lack of transport makes it hard to travel). Recently had my eyes opened and feel as if I’ve been given a very meaningful wake up call :) I follow the sabbath (but by our heavenly creators calendar and not a man-made one). I feel a very strong pull to the Hebrew roots.

  • Shalom friends. I’m a messianic believer that lives here in Dumfries and Galloway. I’ve been here for work for almost two years now.I want to know if there are any messianic groups of friends I can get in touch or join.

  • Anyone know of any congregations or home fellowships in around Newcastle-under-Lyme / stoke-on-Trent area.

    Thanks guys !!

  • Hi, I’m looking for biblical community in Glasgow and the surrounding area if it exists, I’ll be grateful help.

  • Hi, I’m looking for biblical community in Glasgow and the surrounding area if it exists, I’ll be grateful for help.

  • no one is here :( :( :(

  • Shalom, My name is Nathaniyael, I am a believer of YESHUA the Messiah and I believe in HIS second coming as our KING and MASTER to proclaim what is rightfully HIS.

    Few things to remember what YESHUA said to HIS elects ones:

    YESHUA Prayed to the FATHER concerning HIS elect ones or HIS OWN people saying:

    YESHUA said these words, lifted up HIS eyes to the heaven, and said, Father the hour has come. Esteem Your Son, so that Your Son also esteem You,

    as you have given HIM authority over all flesh, that HE should give everlasting life to all whom You have given HIM.

    And this is the everlasting life, that they should know YOU, the only true ELOHIM (GOD) and YESHUA MESSIAH whom YOU sent.

    I have esteemed YOU on the earth, having accomplished the work YOU have given ME that I should do.

    “And now, esteem ME with YOURSELF, FATHER with the esteem which I had with YOU before the world was.

    “I have revealed YOUR NAME to men whom YOU gave ME out of the world. They were YOURS, and YOU gave them to ME, and they have guarded YOUR word.

    Now they have come to know that all YOU gave ME, is from YOU.

    John, Yohanan 17: 1-7)

    Do not forget the Torah (First 5 Books of the Hebrew Bible):

    YESHUA said:
    17. Do not think that I have come to destroy the Torah or the prophets. I did not come to destroy but to complete.

    18. For truly, I say to you, till the heaven and the earth pass away, one yod or title shall by no means pass from the Torah till all be done.

    19. Whoever, then, breaks one of the least of these commands, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the reign of the heavens; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the reign of of the heavens.
    (Matthew, Mattihyahu – 5:17-19)

  • Shalom,

    We are learning to value our story as it connects in with the story of Israel. We are enjoying the story of others as they also experience His shepherding.

    Our hope is to be worked on (particularly on the inside) until complete, counted worthy to be part of the happy ending here on earth, and to see the miracle of being knit together in love with all His people. HalleluYah.

    We have been pioneering, though not natural pioneers, since about 1999 in Torah and Yeshua. May The Maker cover our many mistakes. He is good and faithful. So wise!

    We live in Northumberland at the moment, unsettled until He gathers us Home. We lived for a year in Israel, trying to support the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, with little visible success. We long to be fully connected to the Jews as close family so as to fully share their pains and joys. The Maker knows what He is doing :)

    We are keen to connect for worship, support, service, perhaps even some study, but we are not interested in being a new church/synagogue/club…..If The Maker isn’t building the house, the labourers labour in vain. :)

    Am Yisrael Chai
    Yochanan, Rivkah, and family

  • I am looking for communities that do not believe in the Trinity doctrine and respects
      God’s commandments. I walked around a dozen churches in Glasgow and everywhere I saw the same thing –
    littered with cigarette butts entry, sectarianism, division between clergy and laity, brainwashed, silence of the lambs, because there is no possibility for anyone opened the beak and squeaked. If anybody knows of any community, which holds the principles of Bible, I will be grateful for all help.

    • Shalom to everyone.
      I’ve been searching for a Messianic fellowship in Glasgow, Scotland, but all my searches are proving useless.
      If anyone knows of a fellowship in the Glasgow area, and informs me of such a place, I would be really grateful.

    • Hi Valeria

      I know what you mean about the churches here it’s hard to find fellowship we feel the same way in Aberdeen and just meet with a few friends now following Yeshua. We moved to Aberdeen in Dec 2013 so not close to Glasgow but Paul and I do come to Edinburgh for work from time to time and you are more than welcome to join us here any time email is

  • may be next to Glasgow, I’ll commute.

  • I have just connected with this site and am eager to meet fellow Jewish believers
    I am in Rickmansworth WD3

    I am an area leader where we help businesses to get more leads and build contacts over breakfast

    contact me please
    Bernard S Buchweitz

  • Shalom Hav’rim !

    Why not join us for a Shabbat Service in Florida, each Shabbat 10.30 Am New York time, so normally 3.30 pm UK time…

    Blessed time guaranteed !

    link :

    Shabbat shalom Al_Ekhem…

  • Family based ministry in N.Manchester, UK. We love YHVH follow Yeshua, and seek to bring Torah to bear in our lives as a positive guide to living. We believe that in Yeshua YHVH filled up the Letter or Torah with The Ruach. Yeshua=Torah made flesh. We keep Feasts, Shabbat, and seek to live as grafted in Gentiles. Our heart is to exhort and equip others to explore the Hebraic prespective, face to face and through social media. We live missionally in the heart of orthodox/haredi Manchester, as well as reaching out to the cities homeless and street preaching.Would love to fellowship with others, as well as share teaching perspectives with those seeking to explore the Hebraic perspective.
    Shalom,Kalev and Avichayil
    Twitter @theseedofabeuk @eshetchayil
    Blog @

  • The Union of British Messianic Synagogues ( runs synagogues in some areas of the UK. If anyone is looking for a community in Norwich, Norfolk or even as far afield as Cambridge, Kings Lynn or Chelmsford, then do take a look at our website for more information and contact details.

  • HI, im Ryan i think it be good for me to be associated with other followers of Yeshua Ha machiach saviour son of our Creator.. praise the Creator i am drawing closer and closer to the true way to live the law in heart as our saviour perfected. I currently stay in London and seek to do much good works by the will of our Creator that I live to do so ..denying self is also something i am currently trying to master and give all in truth to our Creator. If anyone would like to conversate about truth our encourage me and/ or be in encouraged to do much good as we are so able to fulfill righteousness as our Creator commands us to and in following Yeshua HA MACHIACH..PRAISE THE CREATOR.. also if anyone is interested in praying in more strength and faith as part of a group i would also be glad to even over the phone or communicating on the internet we can pray together in much good works are needed to be done as the true message must be proclaimed by all who seek to follow the messiah and also helping the poor in spirit and the needy that are starving all the followers of messiah must do the will of the Creator thats why i’m hoping to unify with others to to so more …healing the sick casting out devils this all can be done and messiah told the 12 disciples to to so and that they would be fishers of men hence more and more disciples made untill now in the times we live in..very powerful and tremense acts are in our ability who follow messiah truly and i now live to do the Creator’s will..Shalom

  • Greetings,

    There appears to be almost no Messianic groups in the West Midlands. I am investigating the possibility of starting one in the Wolverhampton area. If anyone is interested in coming if something does get started, or really needed if anyone wishes to offer help or advice, I will be happy to hear from you.


  • I live in Scotland, not far from Glasgow, and I would like to know where I could find a messianic congregation. Can you help me please?

  • Hi, again, my family and I are now based in Cromarty, N Scotlandhaving moved from Manchester, keen to fellowship with other believers in YESHUA,
    Kalev and Avi

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  • Thank you Heber. The menu will be fixed as soon asi can get to it. It’s on my list. The other sites have not been reinstated yet. should be up now. I will deal with the menu when the others are ready. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • May the names of my friends and loved ones, be inscribed in the Book of Life

  • Hi my name is Brian and I live in Rotherham. I’m looking out for a Messianic fellowship/congregation nearby. Can anyone help please.


    • Hi Brian, what kind of fellowship are you looking for?

      • As In what are your beliefs?

        • Hi Amanda, apologies for not replying sooner I’ve not been on here for a while. I have kept the Sabbath and God’s feasts since 2008. Since 2013 I’ve been drawn toward Hebrew/Jewish beliefs and customs especially Messianic beliefs and customs. In my humble opinion I now believe as a Gentile I’ve been blind to the fact that God has been using the jewish nation throughout the ages to bring us all to true Messianic faith. Hope this gives an insight – albeit a little – as to what you were asking.

  • hi im looking for a messianic meeting around swansea/carmarthen

    • Hi Nina
      Have you managed to find a messianic meeting?
      We are in Bethania, Llanon and we meet with a lady who travels to us from Cardigan. We could meet up with you in Carmarthen. Our tel. no. is 01974 272201. It would be lovely to hear from you. Shalom, Adrian and Alex

  • Hi everyone, I’m looking for any any messianic fellowship in Glasgow or Edinburgh. If anyone know of any groups please contact

    Really missing fellowship, many thanks.

  • My family and I have been part of the Hebrew roots/Messianic/First Century believers movement for over 10 years. Originally from Oregon, in the United States, we are traveling for a year and will be in the UK from December 8th, 2014 for a brief period.

    Our family of four, my husband and two teen sons complete our family, have sold all we have to travel and to look for opportunities to serve the Body of Yeshua during this, the Shmita, year. We started in Israel and have been here since September 16th.

    You can see who we are and more about what we are doing at if you are interested.

    We are planning to start our time in the UK in Wales, near Cardiff/Caldicot, with some family friends and would love to connect with any other like minded believers!


  • Hi just wondering if there any Messianic followers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire ?

  • Hi, I am based in reading in the uk and looking for a messianic fellowship nearby, if anyone knows of one, please let me know.


  • Hi, are there any Messianic Fellowships in Hampshire United Kingdom. I live in Gosport. If not are there any churches in the area that support Israel and are NOT into replacement theology. So far have visited 5 churches all who support RT. Thankyou

  • Hi, i live at Gillingham Kent and I’ve been looking for a place to worship for 3 years now. Please if anyone knows a fellowship nearby, it will be really helpful.


  • Shalom,

    My husband and I moved to Scotland three years ago and we live close to Edinburgh now. We are not Jews but we’ve been living according to the Hebrew roots of faith for several years.

    In our home country we are a part of a small community of believers and we also have Jewish and messianic friends around the world. We study midrashes and if someone would like to get in touch with us, please let me know.
    Thank you and Shalom

    • Shabbat Shalom Viky, my husband and I are moving from South Africa to Scotland (Fife area) as soon as we have sorted out our affairs here. We have just started living according to the word of Yahusha following Hebrew roots/Messianic lifestyle and would love to know that we would have fellowship there, that would help us grow and enrich our faith.
      We are still stumbling around and trying to find ourselves at the moment which is made harder by the fact that we are the only ones in our area that are following Torah which makes life interesting as we are getting mostly opposition :) Never the less we feel that Ha’Mashiah Yahusha has guided us thus far so we will press on 😀 my contact is <3

  • We have recently moved to Guildford in Surrey.

    Does anyone know of any suitable messianic fellowships in our area ?

    Any contact would be appreciated.


  • Shalom, We are a congregation based in London. We meet every shabbat at 1pm and spend time in the word, breaking bread and fellowshipping. We invite anyone in the area to join us. Please visit our website for more details

  • I am looking to relocate to Scotland soon and am seeking to connect with others of Messianic faith. I have been reading the blogs and see there are few, yet those have a similar longing to connect. I would really enjoy meeting new Scottish Messianic friends. I am a few years new to the Messianic beliefs, from many years walking with the Lord (now I call Him Yeshua) and am enjoying greatly this renewed growth, joy, revelations, learning, and practice. I feel called to help start a synagogue in Scotland and have been praying fervently for YHWH to keep leading me and stir the spirits of others who will also be called to come along side. Would you pray to see if He is calling you to help in some way, even if it seems small, many coming together by His leading can accomplish much. Email me if you too would like to connect and discuss this more. Hugs and Shalom ~ Elizabeth (USA)

  • Most of these posts seem very old. Is anyone still out there and sharing Messianic fellowship, physically or on-line? I am located in South Devon.


  • Hello my Messianic family in Scotland – keep strong and remember, YHWH is always faithful. Yet He cannot direct a ship that is not moving. Don’t be idle. Follow His cloud (day) and pillar of fire (night). Please email me at 5715blueunicorn at I am excited about Avi impressing on me and supplying our needs to found a temple of Messianic worship in Scotland. However I can’t do it alone. So please contact me soon. Hugs and warmth, Blue Unicorn

  • Shalom everyone
    We posted a message here but it did not surface. We have just started a fellowship in Bow East London UK. We would love to hear from those interested to hear from you. email is:

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