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  • I am unable to find a Messianic group in Coventry.If there are other beleivers in this are would you please contact me so that we may meet and share the teaching of Yeshua……
    Many Blessings…………….Shalom

  • hello,
    I am looking for a messianic group in south East London. I live in Woolwich and I find difficult to find a place to worship not to far from me; especially because of the children.

    Many thanks for your help…..Shalom

  • I am planning to start a trial Erev Shabbat service in the Black Country, West Midlands, in May. I am interested in advice, help, musicians who could give me some assistance in doing the trial to see if it’s worth continuing on a monthly basis, Please contact me if you can be of assistance, or even if you are just interested.

    Baruch haShem

    GK (David)

  • My family and I have been part of the Hebrew roots/Messianic/First Century believers movement for over 10 years. Originally from Oregon, in the United States, we are traveling for a year and will be in the UK from December 8th, 2014 for a brief period.

    Our family of four, my husband and two teen sons complete our family, have sold all we have to travel and to look for opportunities to serve the Body of Yeshua during this, the Shmita, year. We started in Israel and have been here since September 16th.

    You can see who we are and more about what we are doing at if you are interested.

    We would be so blessed to enjoy the fellowship of any like minded believers while we are in the UK. Looking forward to connecting!


  • We have recently moved to West Wales and would love to hear from fellow believers – Sabbath and Torah keepers. Please do contact us.


  • Peace in the name of Yeshua!

    The Messianic Evangelicals Communion Disciples – group in Shropshire.
    If there are other believers in this area would you please contact with us

  • Here is a resource for those of you who are seeking fellowship with like-minded believers:

    There is a map there depicting the locations of individuals, assemblies, media outlets, and events that may be beneficial to you. So far, all of these are in the USA. Perhaps someone reading this can be the first in the UK to be represented on the map.


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