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We’re back and here to stay. Thank you for bearing with us.

Hi!  We know, we know!  If you get two Messianics together you’ll end up with three opinions.  Maybe that’s something to do with ’s definition of a minyan – “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am in the midst of them.” Its almost certainly to do with our Hebraic roots!

What I’m trying to say is that we can’t hope to fully represent every person who claims to be Messianic – and that’s no problem.  But what we do hope is that we can help the Messianic in the Isle develop into all that G-d desires for it.

Some congregations see their job as providing a place of refuge where people can learn about their promised Messiah, Yeshua.  Others just want to have the warm, fluffy feeling that “Jewishness” seems to bring for them.  Others,  in their desire to be more obedient to their Saviour & Lord and His , have found this means they begin to look “” to many of their friends.

Really, its the latter of these three that most closely describes us.  Yes, we do believe that our assembling together will be recognisable in some ways to our Jewish brethren.  Yet, there will be differences that will cause them to question us.  And that’s where we can introduce Yeshua and full obedience to the , G-d’s Word.

We believe that true Messianic life and will not necessarily match up with what the Rabbis have taught.  Why is that?  Because the Rabbis have allowed the into Judaism of many things that G-d has forbidden in His Word.  (And remember, as a whole, the Rabbis have sought quite deliberately, to hide their Messiah from the Jewish people!) We have a choice to make, are we going to enjy a warm, fluffy feeling or are we going to be obedient to G-d through His revealed Word?


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116 Responses to OLD Welcome page

  • I am living in Northamptonshire, in Raunds.
    I am a messianic believer in Yeshua Messiah . Am a believer in being as Paul, the Spirit and the “inner man “…

    • Sorry, again this is a reply to Enid Niven of Raunds, again, we are moving into your area in a couple of weeks from Bedfordshire, as our family are up here, and both me and my Son are Messianics, there isnt any congregation up your end that I know of, would you be at all interested in meeting us for fellowship on a weekly basis? maybe we could start a congregation going of our own as there isnt anything for miles, Peterborough and Luton are the nearest? if your are interested then please contact me on my email address
      We have been Messianics for 2 years now, we celebrate Sabbath and all feasts. Please feel free to contact me, and we could get together for some prayer and fellowship. Shalom from Ezrela

    • Hi everyone,

      I am a Christian living near Kings Lynn in Norfolk, United Kingdom. I am just beginning to try and learn Hebrew and would love to connect with someone who would be willing to walk me through this either on Skype or by meeting in person on a regular basis?

      My email is

      Thank you


    • I live in Northampton and am also a believer in Yeshua and know Him to be the Messiah who will come again, as He promised.
      Do you enjoy walking, Enid? Would you like to walk along part of the River Nene, and share how you became a Believer?

    • hi, I am living in Northampton, I am a messianic believer in Yeshua Messiah. My family and I are looking for like minded believers in Yeshua/Jesus who keep the sabbath and keep out of man’s traditions, and who desire to worship in Spirit and in truth, in Northampton.

      • Hi Bomazur. I know some of the people posting commentshere have been able to link up. I don’t know anyone personally in Northampton but welcome to the site, I hope you find some like minded people here soon.

  • I am completely new to the Messianic teachings…I still have not to this day attended a temple here in Florida…but just in the last week, my husband and I have been studying online with my husband’s brother in Australia, where he and his wife have been actively involved with a Messianic church for years. I just want to apologize for writing the whole word of G-d instead of how you have written it, as above. We are just learning, like I said…I just don’t want to appear disrespectful.


    • Hi there,
      It is good to hear from people who are new to all this. We were where you are not so long ago, and it has been an exciting journey of discovery. After nearly 30 years, we still feel we are at the beginning, we discover new things about Yeshua every day. Over the next few weeks there will be a lot more content on the site. If you are on facebook, why not join us on as we count the days to the feast of pentecost. We are posting daily Bible studies on the topic “Messiah in the sacrifices”. If we find any information for you about a fellowship, we will add it to the main article on this page.

      Writing the title “G-d” is a tradition. Not everyone does it, but we decided to use this convention on the site as a lot of people like to use it.

    • Shalom. I am a Messianic Teacher and Biblical Historian in the UK. I hope that your studies are going well Andrea! If you need any help or have any questions please e-mail me-

    • I have lots of links on my website to teachers and fellowships in the UK, all reall excellent people.


  • Jerusalem May 25 2011:
    We are happy to make available for free download the inspirational book by Esther Korson (Dorflinger) titled “I Am My Beloved’s”.
    The book is written by a Jewish woman who came to know Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of the Jewish people in 1975. The book chronicles many adventures in faith and lessons learned in the greatness of God’s love. A journey of obedience led Esther from small town in Connecticut USA to her home for the past 35 in Jerusalem Israel. Many adventures are shared including a case before the High Court of Justice in Israel; trips to the former Soviet Union; and many lessons in obedience and Gods faithfulness.

    The book is also available on Amazon for Kindle users. The price of $.99 is the minimum allowed by Kindle but allows the user to have unlimited sharing.

    The free download is available in PDF format at

    Russian, Spanish, German and Hebrew translations will be available in the near future.

    • Esther, as we were cleaning out the closet my husband came across a letter that had somehow fallen from the box of letters I have from back when we were living all over the country. Many, many of yours are in that box. I started searching for you on FB and found some of the information that led me to look at this site and then found you are offering your book as a free download. I’d had a few copies of it when you first published it and was blessed to see how often you spoke of our relationship and some of the miracles that we’d shared over the years. We still remember visiting with your parents in Arizona and having dinner with you and John Michael Talbot at our friend’s house while there. So many memories..I know your boys have returned to Israel to serve in the army and that you must be very blessed to still be living in your beloved country. I never forget to pray for you. While visiting with David Dolan when he came about two years ago to speak at a Messianic fellowship near here I spoke with him about knowing you and he said you are his near neighbor..I hope he sent you a hug from me..a few of my friends also met you while traveling to Jerusalem and visited your tea room..
      would love to reconnect when you have time to be in touch. It’s so much easier now with email, FB and IM..please do let me know how you are.
      Karen (and David) Kolbinsky

  • Hi my family and I are looking for like minded believers in Yeshua/Jesus who keep the sabbath and keep out of man’s traditions, and who desire to worship in Spirit and in truth, in West Yorkshire U.K.

    • Hi, I’m a believer in Yeshua who keeps the Sabbath and desires to worship in Spirit and truth and not according to the traditions of men. I live in Halifax West Yorkshire UK and would also appreciate fellowship with like-minded believers.

    • Hi I have some friends who have a messianic house church up your way. If you want any info email me. And I will get there details for you Shalom Mark

    • Hi, I have been searching for messianic fellowship for a long time without much luck, however I’m new to this site and it shows a lot of promise, I live in Sheffield s10 area and would like a fellowship or something here, I’m currently a student at the uni but am looking outside it for a fellowship of some kind, I also would like to meet in spirit and truth definitely no man made laws as I was a Christian before Yeshua called me out. Shalom and look forward to hearing from you soon. shalom

      • Hi, I live in Sheffield 10 and am a long standing messianic believer. We have some people who meet together, and have some conferences with believers (many from Israel) coming to speak etc. Please give me more details and will let you know of next meetings.


  • Hi,

    Just a quick question. I have Been listening to a podcast called ‘torah talk’ on i-tunes, I am a christian looking to get more biblical. I have just listened to a podcast concerning christmas and easter. I understand now why we should not celebrate these, could you possibly tell me more on what not to do and what I should be celebrating and how? for instance – is it OK to do Birthdays and anniversaries? what about fathers-day and such? when and how do I celebrate the biblical feasts?

    Also I live in the South Wales Area – do you know of any messianic Jewish congregations in my area.

    I do hope that you can help me and I look forward to hearing from you


    • Hi Mark are you my friend on face book? blessings in Yeshua Amanda

    • Hi. I live in South Wales and have just found this site as I was going to ask roughly the same question you have as to whether there are any messianic congregations/believers in my area. I would like to be in contact with anyone in South Wales.

    • Shalom Mark,
      We have to follow ELS appointed times, the feast of booths sukkot Tabernacles, whichever you know it by is coming up,
      the next holidays are 18/9-&27/9, please remember it is sundown to sundown normal practice is 6 to 6.
      Then it is 2/10-9/10, We are commnaded to attend these ,& Iam looking for other like spirited following the law of moses.
      I am not interested in getting caght up in polliticts, just lets all learn together, we have all had it so wrong for so long ,I am also in south wales so if ther is a messianic community near please contact,I normally fellowship overseas, but with the mass exodus coming near feel to stay close to home.
      A good teaching ministry is monte Judah @
      SHALOM Lynn

  • Shalom Mark!
    I do hope you have received my extended email addressing the issues you raised above. If not, please let me know and I will post the info on this site.
    Blessings in the One Who has loved us so,

  • This is a message to ENID NIVEN who sent a post on 4th may 2011. I too am a Messianic believer in Yeshua and both myself and my son have so far been practising alone and online, we have no one to fellowship with, we are shortly moving to the next village from you and would like to share with you, we have been Messianics 2 years now and well into living the way Yeshua asks of us. We Nessianics are few and far between. Please feel free to contact us

  • I was in a church for 30yrs where we obey the Torah, have the feast days and The Shabat. But there are so many break – away. I do not want to go to any of these gather. I really want to do exactly what YHWH say and so I am looking for a congregation that go back to the grass root of YHWH’s words and Yeshua Hamechiach.

  • Hi friends,

    I’m not a Messianic Jew but I am making a tv show about Jesus/Yeshua. It’s for the National Geographic channel in america. I’m looking for someone who might know about Jewish customs at around the time of Yeshua. I know very little but I need to learn fast! If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very grateful.

    kind regards rory

  • I live in West Yorkshire and am a hebrew roots believer and would Amanda

    Many thanks in Yeshua

  • Hi everyone. Shalom House here.
    Can we introduce ourselves as a Messianic Fellowship in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
    We are:
    Sabbath Keeping.
    Torah observant with the emphasis on Yahshua’s teachings.
    Trying not to major on minors
    Striving to be part of the Body of Messiah.
    We have been going this way about 20 years. We are keen and may be able to visit you in Scotland/organise a meeting if you are in border area.

  • Sorry can I publicise our e-mail and website please:
    And also briefly tell you about the Aleph Course, a three tier discipleship programme.

  • am messianic Jewish believer from Ethiopia.Our congregation have been licensed no longer than one year. so, we need spiritual assistance & we are ready to work the kingdom of Yeshua with voluntaries

  • Shalom
    My partner and I are based in Dublin, Ireland and would interested to know if there are any Messianic Congregations linked with the South of Ireland or any Messianic Jews/Gentiles based in Dublin? We would be most grateful to meet with them as we value our Jewish heritage.

    • Shalom Philippa!

      I have searched and searched for another messianic or hebrew roots believer in Yeshua for an age here in Dublin! So great to see this post! Are you still looking for a messianic congregation? If so please email me

      Blessings in Yeshua our Messiah and Lamb.


    • Did you have any luck? We too are looking for a messianic congregation…or even just some messianic friends. We live in Co.Leitrim. The closest I know of is in donaghadee co.down. would be great to get in contact!

  • Shalom,
    Just letting you know about the Free Restored Name Scriptures. Please take a look at the site and videos. You will see how important this project is t the Father and His Son. The videos on the site are good to see as you will see how He put this project together. Please let others know about this ministry. If you know anyone in prison or are homeless that love His Name and do not have a copy let us know so we can get a copy to them. Barak Ata

  • Shalom,
    Just letting you know about the Free Restored Name Scriptures. Please take a look at the site and videos. You will see how important this project is t the Father and His Son. The videos on the site are good to see as you will see how He put this project together. Please let others know about this ministry. If you know anyone in prison or are homeless that love His Name and do not have a copy let us know so we can get a copy to them. Just search out HalleluYAH Scriptures in google. Barak Ata

  • Hi I was wondering if there are any sabbath keeping fellowships in the derbyshire area? Shalom Mark Peter

  • Please visit my website on

    There are my new books “As in the days of Noah” And “Life’s big questions” They are all free to read and have been used in prissons and on the streets ect Shalom

  • Dear People who are discovering Yeshua Mashiah,

    i am a Yhudim and Believe in Our Mashiah Yeshua Mashiah and there are just a couple of things that we need to observe.

    We must always use The Hebrew Names of Our Elohim and Saviour as anything else is blasphemy.

    lord etc are names for the adversary.

    Hebrew Names that Elohim gave us cannot and must not be translated into gentile words, this is blasphemy.

    These were all done in the hellenistic era of seleucid hence the Maccabees and also in 135 Ad when the the greeks were given the task by Hadrian to de-judaize Judaism.

    And let us always be Compassionate to each other as this is really what Yeshua Mashiah came to Teach us. Amen

    In The Name of Yeshua Mashiah

    Shalom Aleikhem

    His servant

    richard richardson

  • Dear brothers and siters in Yeshua Mashiah,

    it is also important to avoid people who call themselves rabbis as Yeshua our Mashiah Said in His Own Words in Mattityahu 23 that you are not to call anyone rabbi as you only Have One Rabbi and it is Yeshua Mashiah, so if you meet anyone who calls himself rabbi then either teach him about what Yeshua Our Mashiah Said or avoid him as he is a false teacher.

    In The Name of Yeshua Mashiah

    Shalom Aleikhem

    His servant

    richard richardson

  • E-mail:
    Elder D.Syam Babu,
    Assembly of YHWH,
    Penugonda – 534 230,
    W.G.Dt., A.P., S.India.

    Dear beloved Brothers and Sister in YHWH.

    Sacred Greetings of love grace and Peace to all of you in the mighty name of YHWH. I would like to introduce myself as an Elder Teaching the word of YHWH of the past 10 Years. By the grace of our almighty YHWH I established 2 assemblies in remote areas. Our assemblies’ believers are extremely poor so as to unable to afford tithes and charities. We don’t have financial assistance from in and around. Our believers are depending upon agriculture. Even though I have been teaching to word of YHWH. .As I am an extremely poor Elder I can face immense starvation.please also inform our sabbath service activities to your friend associates and send your heart warming charities to spread of the sacred truths to many distant places.If you need to know more about our sacred truth work please comedown to India.

    Here we are all keeping weekly Sabbath and appointed Holy day. Recently we celebrated to fest of Passover according to LEV 23:45.
    Dear beloved Brother we don’t have permanent assemblies sheds to gather our YHWH flock on Saturdays. We can gather on Saturdays at the Veranda of our Poor believers. I have also been running an orphanage and widow home. At present I am not in a position to provide daily bread for our orphans and widows. We are all in a most helpless s,,tate. Here our YHWH flock is very poor. Due to not having financial support, our orphans and widows health condition is deteriorating.

    Dear beloved brothers and Sisters I supplicate you please understand our untold hardships with YHWH mind and send the observance of Passover love gift to feed our orphans. Now we are in miserable condition. Please preserve this humble letter with YHWH inspiration and send even little charity to feed our destitute children and poor family. If you need to know my work please come down to India and strengthen our poor assemblies orphans and widows. We are ready to submit all the details of my sacred truth work in form of pictures.Please unite me into our Messianic ministry and send even little offerings to spread of the Messianic truth in our area.Remember we are all Torah observant.

    Please do pray for our Sabbath services our poor assemblies orphans and widows

    Here we are all fervently praying for you, your blessed family, your staff your elders and our YHWH group.

    We are prayerfully expecting your kind reply.

    May YHWH bless you all.

    Your humble Brother in Yeshua
    (D. Syambabu)

  • Shalom, It is good to see so many people seeking out Messianic Jewish Synagogues and congregations in their area. For those seeking to contact a Messianic Synagogue in the East Anglia region, then do contact me at Adat Yeshua in Norwich. We have been in existence now for nearly 20 years and are involved with annual conferences here in the UK. Our vision is to establish an authentic Judaism that has Mashiach Yeshua at the heart. Visit the website – – and find us on Facebook and Twitter (search on Adat Yeshua). We look forward to seeing any guests and visitors.

    Rabbi Binyamin Sheldrake.

  • Hello, I am new here – I have been a believer in Yeshua for over 30 years, but recently have discovered my Jewish roots through my father’s side of the family. I would love to join a Messianic congregation, but don’t seem to have one near by.


  • Shalom,
    I am a Messianic Believer early days though. Sad that there is no Messianic Congregation here in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
    I would like to get to know other Messianic Believers near or in my area.

  • Hi,

    My family has just moved from South Africa to East Yorkshire UK. We are messianic believers and would love to be in fellowship with other likeminded believers. Does anyone know of a fellowship in Yorkshire, or anyone we could possibly meet with?

  • To anyone living in the Northampton area and is looking for a Messianic Congregation, we had to travel as far as Leicester, we found a congregation calledTeshuvah Messianic Synagogue, it will take us an hour to get there but will be well worth it we have been looking for fellowship now for months I hope this will also help someone

  • Hi
    We are a Messianic family living in the North Nottinghamshire area (in Worksop). We moved here from South Africa nearly thirteen years ago and would welcome fellowship with other Messianic believers in our area.

  • I live in Coventry and would like to meet or contact by email fellow beleivers.If anyone knows of a community near Coventry,would you please contact me on this site.

  • request free download of Esther Dorflingers book I am my Beloveds please.. many thanks

  • Hi

    Greetings from Mumbai, India to all.

    I would like to know if there is a congregation / fellowship in the city of Mumbai in India. Any help with details would be much appreciated.

    Thank you all.

  • I am changing from christian to messianis Jew and would like to meet other people to talk and learn.I am a genuine person who can be contacted at
    Please email me if you know of any like minded people.

  • Shalom,
    After months of searching, we have come to the conclusion that Cambridge, historically home to many Christian Hebraists, has no messianic fellowship. For this reason, me and my wife want to start a very informal fellowship from our home, which is located in the north of Cambridge off Histon and Gilbert Rd (close to the ALDI). If you are interested and adventurous and would like to join us for a potluck-meal (biblically kosher) on Friday evening, erev Shabbat, then please drop me a line by email. Families are welcome. Space is limited. (

    • Shalom!!
      I’m so happy to read you! I hope your invitation is valid yet. I live in Cambridge and I’d like to meet you! I’ll write you an email.
      Todah rabah!

  • Shalom,
    after living many years in SA we now live in the wye valley south wales, could any one tell me is there a messianic fellowship in the area,or torah believers,
    Shalom, Lynn

  • Shalom in the name of Sur Shalom
    I am a Believer in Yehushua who accepted his Hebraic roots and the importance of TORAH a good 5 – 6 years ago but nothing (no messianic community) around me in Stoke on Trent

    My whole family is zelous in following the Torah and it would be nice to meet some Blessed Followers of Y shua around this area.

  • Hello, just came across this site, I think someone may have been asking about SW UK. I had Olive Tree Fellowship running here in Penzance, Cornwall in 2010 to mid 2011 but there really wasn’t enough interest to keep it going as a congregational plant. However, I’m happy to link up with other MJs, put on a ( orthodox style) communal seder and Shabbat and Yom Tov gatherings if there’s enough interest, and help as independent celebrant with life events. My interest is Torah learning and encouraging Jewish life among Jews who have come to Yeshua, I’m not into politics. We have a small kosher succah every year, and get our kosher supplies sent every couple of months. I have an orthodox background, years which I loved and found a great blessing. I came to Yeshua nearly ten years ago.

  • The Congregation of Yahweh – which I belong to have meeting groups localish to Stoke on Trent – but still a bit of journey – I guess. I would suggest maybe you contact the main office in Nottingham and somebody there might be able to help you. There is an administrative centere in Nottingham City Centre plus Church in Nottingham. There are satellite churches who meet regularly at local community centres on the Saturday Sabbath in Bulwell in Nottingham and also in Derby. There are also groups further north and south of Derby.
    It is a congregation of Gentiles who are Sabbath Observers and celebrate the Jewish Feasts – and have done for some years now. ( I am new to it)
    The main administrative office is based in Nottingham – 01159 509 314
    The Derby Contacts are – Claudette Edwards – 07885757195
    Steven Rath 07847735270

    Hope this helps!

  • Shalom in the name of Yeshua Mashiyach.

    I am a Gentile believer in the One God, YHWH, and in his Son, who is uniquely spirit of his Spirit, but who in the fulness of time was revealed in and to his creation as God’s Word (“Miltha” replaces “Logos” in the Aramaic of John 1:1 and can mean manifestation, emanation, word, wisdom, power, substance) and saving Arm (Pro.8:22; Isaiah 53:1; 59:16). I prefer the name Yeshua, which means “YHWH saves”, answering literally to the messianic prophesy, “My name is in him” (Exod. 23:21; cf. Matt.1:21).

    Since “God was in (union with) Christ, reconciling the world to himself” (2 Cor.5:19), he could not have been standing in opposition to Christ, needing to be reconciled to the world, as the Reformed creed suggests: “In many of the popular sermons and hymns of the last two centuries Christ is set forth as mediator between an angry God and the condemned sinner, pleading with God for mercy, at the same time receiving the divine wrath into his own bosom and thus averting from the sinner the consequences of his sin” (The New Schaff-Herzog Religious Encyclopedia, vol.7, p.270). If Yeshua = YHWH, shouldn’t I expect him to be an inexorable avenger of sins like his Father? Yet Yeshua is loving. Was I to be a closet Marcionite? Isaiah had the answer to my dilemma: God only INSTIGATED His Son’s sufferings (Isa.53:10); man CAUSED them, burdening him with all our iniquity (Heb. ‘awon’ means mischief, perversity, waywardness; not penalty). That’s Peter’s reading of Isaiah 53:6 in Acts 2:23,38 and how the Atonement is interpreted in Hebrews 6:6. God allowed Yeshua to suffer at our hands in order to commend his forgiveness (Romans 5:8) and kill our hostility (John 15:25; 16:9), not to make God willing to forgive and to kill his!

    I set up a Facebook page and promoted it under the banner, “Restoring NT Christianity”, to look for opponents of Calvin’s Penal Satisfaction Theory (it actually comes from Catholic Penitentialists Tertullian and Cyprian via Augustine) in my immediate area (Gwynedd). But, despite eventually casting my net wide to include USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and Israel, and spicing it with various other logical inferences about the nature of the primitive Church, pre-Constantinian apostasy, such as its Binitarianism, Sabbatarianism and Quartodecimanism (tenets and practices which Polycarp, John’s disciple, tellingly championed), I found few readers who were restorationists at heart. Most seemed to be unquestioning, hard-bitten dogmatists from mainstream Christianity.

    So I naturally gravitated to Messianic Judaism because it mostly resisted, and resists, the Romish Westernising, syncretising influence (Christmas, Easter, Trinity etc). I do reject, however, the Millerite-inspired pre-Millennialism, which reads too much into Rev.20:1-6 and which, in Romans 11:26, mistranslates the Greek word “houto” (= “thus”) as “and then”. In v.31, houto is correctly translated “thus”. A Preterist reading of Revelation (e.g. Andrew Corbett’s “The Most Embarrassing book in the Bible”) shows that the end times began in the first century. The kingdom would be established during the lifetime of some of Yeshua’s disciples (Matt.16:28). When the disciples asked for the “sign of his coming and of the end of the age” (“aionos” does not mean “world”, but aeon), they obviously meant the end of the Jewish temple system and Christ’s coming to punish Jerusalem (Matt.24:2,3). Thereafter, there would be spiritual Israel, containing Jews and in-grafted Gentiles.

    With these reservations about Pre-Millennialism, I am looking for Messianic Jews or Hebraic Christians in Gwynedd or the North Wales area for mutual edification and fellowship. Please contact me on

    To the One who is sitting on the throne and to the Lamb, be all praise, honour, glory and power, for ever and ever. Amen.

  • Family based ministry in N.Manchester, UK. We love YHVH follow Yeshua, and seek to bring Torah to bear in our lives as a positive guide to living. We believe that in Yeshua YHVH filled up the Letter or Torah with The Ruach. Yeshua=Torah made flesh. We keep Feasts, Shabbat, and seek to live as grafted in Gentiles. Our heart is to exhort and equip others to explore the Hebraic prespective, face to face and through social media Twitter @sctrdnotlst @eshetchayil

  • We are a family group of Messianic Talmidim (Disciples) of Yeshua (Jesus) who love YHVH (God of The Bible) and seek to live a life based on following Torah. We study regularly and welcome anyone who wants to explore the Hebraic perspective. We worship, pray, study together and share food (N.Manchester). I (Carl) am a licensed minister through Seed of Abraham ministries, Israel. I and my wife blog at Twitter @sctrdnotlst @eshetchayilpr31 and also have a social media ministry. We welcome anyone who wants to enrich their existing faith or those who are beginning their journey.If you are a church group and would like a visiting speaker to discuss the primitive church and Hebraic perspective get in touch! Or if you you are an individual with questions who requires staudy materials We’re here to serve. Message/call me for website+contact details…
    B’Shem Yeshua

  • Shalom, I am a young man who wants to know more about God. I am a Christian, part of a Baptist church but lately, something makes me think more and more to keep the Sabbath day in which God requires. I do not know how much you understand of what I said, I think I’d like to meet people that celebrate Saturday as the Sabbath (as required in the law of God) and not Sunday. And as I knew only Hebrew people are those who hold the true Sabbath and that can explain more about this day more than can a Gentile Christian, I call on you. I am interested to know if the New Testament says about the change of the Sabbath, after how I’ve researched, I found nothing, to make clear that I can change a law given by God.
    Could you guide me somehow in this “problem”?
    Kind regards Paul

  • I’m a woman from Netherlands; Born again through Jesus the Messiah. Searching for FELLOWSHIP with people. Also with ones who wants to share on Shabbat not in a religious way but ones who are intimate with Jesus in their walk. Who are not reserved but open for others. I am not someone who only does on shabbat what is only according to the weekly parashja text and that it. My sjofar is; be who you are and find yourself led by the Holy Spirit in a pure way and don’t get misled and divide priesthood from Covenant. For me is also important; care for each other as a bride in preparation.Feel free to open up :) and be bold! shalom and kind greetings, Deborah. My SKYPE-name = Hannah14479
    Before I close; My heart stretches out to; understanding Gods heart in prophetic times. Be blessed as tribe Issachar…who understood the signs & knew what to do.

  • A Christian church with a Kingdom Messianic DNA. We have just leased a beautiful building in central Wellingborough. I would like to offer a place for Messianics to worship in Northamptonshire. Is anyone interested. Contact me at


  • Is there any messianic fellowship in Cardiff, Wales? Kind regards and thank you :)

    • Hi Nevenna, I am not readily aware of any, but I’ll have a dig and see what I can find….There are a few people on the fellowship section in the Wye valley Monmouth area (about a 45 minute drive)if my memory serves me correctly.
      B’Shem Yeshua..

  • Hi,
    I am looking for the lady called Lisa who lives in Devon. If you happen to be in North Devon, or close, you may be interested in the fact that a few people who have been getting together to study the Torah (me included) are thinking of forming a Chavurah for fellowship and more. If your still around and are interested, do get in touch with me.

  • Hello :) I am a Christian and I would like to learn about messianic jewdism sorry i am an awful speller :( can you give me any advice ? Thanks :) x

  • Also do you know of any messianic Jews near me I live up north in England :) x

  • Hi everyone,
    Today I have looked at this website once again and am really encouraged that there are so many believers now in the UK who are seeking to be obedient to our Abba words in learning to walk more Hebraically by keeping HIs Feasts etc. I have been interceding for this to happen for some 12 years now Two years ago I was called by Him to set up a website to encourage, help to edify and hopefully, be enabled to network like-minded believers together for His purposes. The website is The Messianic Israel Family of Great Britain and my email address is on it should any of you be led to be in contact with me.
    In the meantime I send all of you out there in the UK ahavah and shalom in the name of our great Messiah Yeshua – may He be always glorified through us.

  • My family and I are looking for like minded people who are Torah observant (or want to be), keep the sabbath and the feasts and stay out of Babylon. We live in North Wales, please contact us on Blessings in Yeshua our Mashiac.

  • I would also like to add that I would welcome people to gather in our home on the shabbat. We have done this in other places and we’re very uplifted by it and would like to again.

  • Hello everyone – it is a blessing to meet so many in the UK on this site who are on the journey back to observing Torah. We would like to let you know that Eddie Chumney is returning to the UK later in the year for a month, arriving on 23rd October and leaving on 20th November 2014. Eddie teaches on the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, and is skilful at adapting his message to his audience, whether that is a small group of church-going believers in someone’s home or a large gathering of Messianic believers in a large building. His teaching can be seen on his website:

    We believe that Eddie’s message is important and needed in the UK ‘for such a time as this’. We ask whether you or someone you know would like to invite Eddie to speak during his visit to our country? At present we are hoping to fill all four weekends with speaking engagements, ideally to hold two-day weekend teaching sessions with four or five time slots interspersed with refreshment breaks. If this is not possible then a full-day sabbath or a full day Sunday with at least two teaching slots of two hours each also works really well. Eddie’s message is full and rich and if he is given more time then he breaks down his message into bite-sized chunks that are easier to digest!

    There are also opportunities for times during the week both through the day, or evening meetings for those of you who would be able to host him for a shorter period of time. Eddie is very comfortable speaking to small gatherings so please do not be afraid to invite him to your house group or prayer meeting slot!

    We would be grateful if you would prayerfully consider whether you feel you could host Eddie. We are asking for a donation towards his air fare as we are paying it in full this time because he is only coming to the UK instead of on his previous visits that were combined with speaking engagements in Europe. If you feel you could host Eddie we would be happy to discuss how we could work together with travel arrangements, possible accommodation etc. to and from your venue.

    We are hoping to produce a very rough outline of his possible itinerary as early as possible so we would be grateful if you would contact us to express your interest even if finer details are not in place. You can contact us by phone on 01484 666531 or by email If we are unable to answer the phone please leave a message and we will get back to you.

    Thanking you and every blessing to you,
    David and Cath Lodge
    Malakh magazine

  • Hi, my name is Natalia. I just moved to Ireland some months ago from Central America. I’m messianic and I’m looking for friends with the same believes in Dublin or any other part of UK/Europe. My email is

  • hi, I am living in Northampton, I am a messianic believer in Yeshua Messiah. My family and I are looking for like minded believers in Yeshua/Jesus who keep the sabbath and keep out of man’s traditions, and who desire to worship in Spirit and in truth, in Northampton.

  • I am at present in Perth, Scotland. Are there any Messianic Jewish believers in Yeshua nearby?

  • Hello I’m new to this site a great find Blessings to all

  • Hi,

    Like Andy I’m new to the site…feels goods. Have a blessed week end

  • Shabbat Shalom. We hope you all had a great Succot this year.

  • Hello, I’m new to this site and would be grateful for any help finding fellowship. My daughter (2years old) and I live in Ayrshire Scotland and I was looking to find somewhere that we could both attend together. Many thanks.

  • Shalom everyone!
    Me and my husband along with my mum in law are messianic Christians about a year now. We celebrate Sabbath and would like to find a fellowship near us. We live in Bicester (Oxfordshire), please help!
    Many thanks.

  • Hello
    I am living in Cambridge. I’m looking for a messianic community or group in Cambridge to keep Torah together! Even if there is only another messianic besides me, please let me know !!

  • Hi there anyone living in hull East yorkshire . I really would love fellowship with people who are following and learning all about our hebrew roots . I listen to jim staley on passion for truth ministries, and love his teaching .and of course love yeshua our messiah . Thanks look forward to a reply.J .

    • We live the other side of the Humber. Email us at admin and we may be able to meet up. We know some people near York but they are easy out in the country.

  • Yes to meet up would be good I can’t find your admin e mail though . Look forwards to hearing from you. Jinet .

  • Hi !

    Is there a Messianic Fellowship in Singapore?

    Thank you!


  • Hello, I am enquiring to see if anybody knows of a Messianic Congregation/Fellowship in Swindon, Wiltshire or in that area? I would appreciate any help.



  • Shalom,
    My husband and I moved to Scotland three years ago and we live close to Edinburgh now. We are not Jews but we’ve been living according to the Hebrew roots of faith for several years.
    In our home country we are a part of a small community of believers and we also have Jewish and messianic friends around the world. We study midrashes and if someone would like to get in touch with us, please let me know.
    Thank you and Shalom

  • Shalom brethren

    We just started a fellowship in Bow East London UK.
    We are keen to get back to our root of faith Abiro (Hebrew) Messianic. We believe in the Torah, the prophets and the teachings of Yashua/YACUWA. We do not accept the teachings of Paul and do not believe he was a true apostle of Yashua/YACUWA. Please get in touch. Blessings to you all.

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