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This list of websites is provided for reference purposes and does not reflect the beliefs and practices of .Org.UK.

119 Ministries E-sword Edition

Bible Explorer 4

Online Bible

Bibles Online

Bible Gateway

Bible Study Tools

Hebrew and Greek Resources



119 Ministries

TNN Online

Passion For Truth Ministries

Kadaish Forum


Messianic Bureau International

Messianic Music

Beit_Hallel Ministries




Biblical Archaeology Blog



Messianic Links



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9 Responses to Online Resources

  • There is currently only One Bible that people should read and that is The Complete Jewish Bible translated by dr david stern, anyother is inaccurate and this is a fact.

    In The Name of Yeshua Mashiah

    Shalom Aleikhem

    His servant

    richard richardson

  • for 2000 years Christians have been claiming to be led by the Holy Spirit into Truth, are you now saying that they were misled as this is now the only ‘true’ translation? are we then to assume that the Holy Spirit has been unable to show millions of people the ‘errors’ of all the countless other translations for 2000 years. God help us.

  • why should we believe your last statement Richard?



    both have excellent (free!) teachings available to download. 1st link has a sound series (4 part) on the homepage about what time it is. 2nd link (under ‘english audio’) has some great foundational teachings for those new to the Hebrew Roots of the Faith.

    Shabbat shalom everyone

  • I am a beleiver in Yeshua and would like to contact people in the Coventry area,or West Midlands.Anyone who is interested can contact me at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………..Shalom – Morse

  • Shalom Hav’rim !

    Why not join us for a Shabbat Service in Florida, each Shabbat 10.30 Am New York time, so normally 3.30 pm UK time…

    Blessed time guaranteed !

    link :

    Shabbat shalom Al_Ekhem…

  • Hi to all the Messianic believers in the UK.
    I write to let you know of a website called The Messianic Israel Family of Great Britain on which I have been led to put on the Resources page various books, teaching ministries, worship ministries, Hebraic TV and radio stations to help those of us who have been called to walk in a biblically Hebraic way ie keeping the Feasts of our Abba etc. The website can be a tool, a bit like this encouraging website, to hopefully network Messianics together – that’s one of my prayers.
    If you are led, do go to to have a peek and you can also get in touch with me at the email address on the site if you would like to.
    Much ahava and shalom in our great Messiah Yeshua’s Name to all of you out there in the UK who are seeking to be more obedient to our Abba’s word.

  • Messianic Shabbat Service online every saturday 10.40 am Dallas-Texas time (normally 16.40 GMT)

    At link :

    Shalom LeKuLam


  • Have just recently stumbled into the Hebraic understanding of scripture about 4-months ago, love it, and am blown away. I am in the process of compiling my most favorite teachings hopefully to create an impression and be a witness in this land. My site leads off into all different subjects so hopefully you’ll enjoy the content. Its under construction, with a lot of work to do, but enjoy and pass on the site if you find it useful:


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