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Walid Shoebat Launches New Initiative‏


The Walid Shoebat Foundation and Forum For Middle East Understanding launch new web site please visit this web site.

The purpose of this web site is to make more people aware of the
plight of persecuted Christians worldwide as well as raise money to
effect real rescue operations for persecuted victims with a primary
focus initially in the Pakistan region.

Our work will involve providing safe houses, food and medical care
for persecuted Christian families with direct one and one support, with
no administrative costs or waste. Our work will also involve the
gaining of visas for these families to restart their lives in Western
countries so they can rebuild their lives. Full details of the program
detailed on We are already helping two
families with many more on a waiting list for assistance.

You will receive shortly a one time invitation to join our email list
for this web site initiative. You will not be asked again but you can
always join the rescue christian news letter at any time by going to the
web site.

We are asking for volunteers to call missions departments at churches
to support this initiative on a monthly basis. Our web site provides
you all the information you need.

Thank you for caring and being part of our mission


Keith Davies
Executive Director Walid Shoebat Fdn


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