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Messianic Fellowships

Our old site has outgrown its usefulness and the database is out of date, so we have decided to withdraw the list of fellowships for now.  The new blogging format should make it more flexible and we hope to be able to get information about fellowships up and running before long. There are other sites with information and there will be a links page up soon.

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Previously we provided a database of Messianic Fellowships in the UK. It was very labour intensive and the upkeep proved too much for us. We have decided to leave it open to you. If you know of places people can go, then please leave details on this page. There are so many who share Messianic belief who have no fellowship at all. If you can contribute to this pool of knowledge in any way, there are folk out there who really need to know.

The posts are moderated and details will be checked before posting. We will not be able to verify external web pages, however.
We cannot accept any responsibility for the content of any external site. Please contact them if their information is inaccurate.

Some websites to get you started:
Teshuvah Messianic Synagogue Leicester
Beit Nitzachon Messianic Congregation

Opendoor Outreach Ministry


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